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Low Rise: Perfect Homes

rphotoConsider the perfect home where precision and detail are never overlooked. A home that captures eloquent design and craftsmanship, exceeding current building standards and keeping environmentally conscious, thus claiming the future of the home building industry of today.
For Fairview Inc. Homes this has become a part of our daily routine. When our designers and architects have come together in 1992, they were unaware of the evolutionary process that would be taking place, and indeed, that’s what happened.

As we aimed to increase our product quality, we were embarking on the production of a perfect “futuristic” home.

Each Fairview Inc. home is structurally engineered and uniquely designed.


Perfect Residential/Commercial Building , publicly safe, fire resistance and earthquake resistance;

Steel Frame:
Consider the benefits of utilizing galvanized steel. Strength and longevity are its primary impressions, however, let’s not overlook its definitive properties namely, blemish free walls, perfectly aligned ceilings and angels, and quiet floors. You will never find warping, splitting, creaking, cracking or rotting. It will be termite-proof, vermin-proof, ant-proof, and fire-resistant. An engineered steel built Fairview Inc. commercial building has more strength, resistance against higher wind forces, snow loads, Earthquake and seismic forces than a traditional framed building. Steel is also lightweight allowing for easier and more expeditious assembly.